Beginning Guitar and Guitar from Scratch


Keith Brintzenhoff

This session is for anyone who wants to play guitar, but has little or no experience.  You do not need to know anything about playing guitar to succed in this session. You do not need to read music. You do not need to bring a guitar and a flatpick, but will learn more if you do.

You can rent a guitar for the day if you do not have one.


In this session, you will learn how to tune and hold a guitar. You will learn how a guitar can be 'set up' to be easier to play. You will learn how and why to use a capo (a fancy clamp that goes on the neck of the guitar). You will learn three chords (G, C and D) and play them in a familiar tune. You will learn about an additional three chords (F, Em and Am) and how you can use them in a tune.


You will receive handouts with all of this information plus several tunes that you can go learn on on your own.