Carl Jones

Carl is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist widely respected for his instrumental talents and original songs about the joys and tribulations of day-to-day life in the South. Carl’s songs are recorded by Kate Campbell, Rickie Simpkins, Tony Rice, and others.


His song Last Time On The Road is on the grammy-award-winning album Unleased by the Nashville Bluegrass Band. In the 1980s he won Third Place in Fingerpick-guitar at Winfield, KS. and played mandolin for James Bryan and Norman & Nancy Blake (Rising Fawn String Ensemble). He’s recorded many CDs.


Known for fine musicianship, keen humor, evocative songwriting, he is a charismatic teacher who’s performed/taught in the U.S., Canada and Europe.



Carl's Session:


Players at an intermediate and above level of banjo playinw will find value In this session where we will focus on the claw-hammer style of banjo and learn some great tunes along the way. We will hone our right and left hand techniques with exercises and a nice dose of music theory stirred in for maximum “up the neck” comfort and fun.  This will also help make more intricate tunes easier to play.  Our goal will be to add to our repertoire and boost our banjo skills in a relaxed, cheerful setting. 


Please DO come with a recording device so you can take the tunes home with you at the end of festival day! Carl also recommends bringing paper and pen or pencil.


Visit Carl's website.


Each Master Clinic has TEN spaces for students.  Pre-registration is required for Master Clinics.