Erynn Marshall


Erynn, born in Victoria, British Columbia, has fiddled for thirty-five of her thirty-nine years, performed and taught at many music camps in the United States, Canada and Europe. She’s won many awards including First Place in fiddle at Clifftop Appalachian Stringband Festival in West Virginia (first woman or person from outside the US to do so).


To learn nuances of fiddling and understand its roots, she visited eighty and ninety year-old southern fiddlers and singers over many years and published what she learned in the book, Music in the Air Somewhere (WVU Press).


She’s appeared in three films, recorded a DVD and five CDs.



Erynn's Session:

Erynn will tailor the session to the registrants and their level of development as fiddlers.  The session will explore



Southern Old-Time Fiddling bowing, tone and heritage


multiple alternate tunings


Southern Old-Time Fiddling bowing, tone and heritage

Players at the intermediate level or above will get benefits from Erynn's workshop on Southern Old-Time Fiddle. class will delve into Old-time style fiddling which is the living tradition found in Appalachia (and now all over the world!).  Secrets of bowing and other characteristics of old-time fiddling will be explored as well as getting that “old-time sound.” We’ll also talk about heritage players of the South and their style. Questions encouraged and we shall work through any playing blocks you have encountered so that playing the fiddle is nothing but joy. Please bring a recorder to class and your adventurous fiddling spirit!


Multiple alternate tunings

If more advanced players make up the group, Erynn can explore Mountain Fiddle Tunings

in considerable depth. If you've ever been interested to know more about alternate tunings on the fiddle and love the sound of drones - this is the class for you! First Erynn will demonstrate a bunch of tunings and great tunes in different tunings. You can listen and/or record. Then she'll teach a tune. Tunings covered will include DDAD, AEAE, AEAC# and more. Rosin up your bow and get ready for the drone zone! 


Please DO come with a recording device so you can take the tunes home with you at the end of festival day! 


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Each Master Clinic has TEN spaces for students.  Pre-registration is required for Master Clinics.