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Rental Instruments for the Day 

Try Something New


If you would like to take a workshop on an instrument that you do not own, but would like to try, rental instruments are available for the day of the festival. Lap dulcimers, fiddles, banjos, guitars and sometimes other instruments are available through Meadowood Music, one of the festival sponsors.


All you need to do is contact us at least a week before the festival to reserve an instrument so that we can have the instrument at the festival for you.  Instruments will be held with rental agreements for the day at the Meadowood Music booth.  If you have fun with the instrument, and would like to be able to play it for a while, we can extend the rental to a six month term right there at the festival.  If the one day is enough time with the instrument, just return it to the Meadowood booth at the end of the festival.



Meadowood Music will have a collection of instruments available for you to touch, feel and hear.  In this session, you can explore instruments with which you may not yet have experience.


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