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Our event is held outdoors, with the ability to provide ample space during concerts and workshops, and we expect that you'll be able to participate safely in Festival events. The reality is that many of our attendees have some significant risk if they were to get Covid.

Because case numbers have been increasing recently, we now request:

1. If you are not vaccinated and boosted, we require that you wear a mask during the Festival.

2. If you know you have been exposed to a positive case of Covid, please stay home.

3. If you have symptoms that could indicate Covid (fever, cough, fatigue, runny nose, nausea) please stay home. Also, get tested!

4. If you are unable to attend due to illness, please contact us to arrange for a refund of your registration fees. We would definitely prefer this to becoming a spreading event!

5. Individual teachers may request that participants in their workshops wear face coverings during the time they are together. Please arrive prepared to mask up if requested. 

We will endeavor to provide the most comfortable and safe conditions possible as we all re-enter the world of in-real-life music participation. We appreciate your consideration for others at this time.

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