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Harmonica: Tales of the Tongue


Alex Laquement


In this workshop we'll cover what's happening with your tongue when you're playing chords and melody on the harmonica at the same time. We'll use the two tunes "Going down to Cairo // aka Goodbye Liza Jane" (G) and “Old Joe Clark” to take a deep dive in understanding what's actually happening between your air flow and that delicious tin sandwich (aka harmonica). We'll work on “Going Down to Cairo” in 1st position and “Old Joe Clark” in 2nd position exploring the two sides and flavors of Old Time harmonica playing. 


This workshop is geared for players who has a little bit of familiarity with the harmonica, but beginners will also get something out of it too. Please have a G and C harmonica. Harmonica tabs will be provided during this workshop. 

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