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Alex Lacquement, Bass and Guitar


Class description: Rooted and Going Places - Guitar and Bass Workshop 

In this workshop we'll cover what's happening in the low-end when you're playing stringband music on the guitar or upright bass. We'll dig deep into the "boom-chuck" rhythm from the guitar and bass perspectives. We'll take a look at thinking from the roots and branching out to find new and creative movement possibilities in your low-end lines. We'll use the tunes "New Five Cents" (D) and "Fire on the Mountain" (A) by Isham Monday to work on creating strong, clear, and creative lines. 


This workshop is geared for people who have some experience playing guitar and upright bass and would like to learn a little more about bass line construction and how to strengthen their groove while playing music with others. We will lightly use number systems such as 1,4, 5 translated to the key of D would be: D, G, & A.


About Alex:


Rooted in the sounds of American-born music Baltimore based bassist, Alex Lacquement has crafted a unique style that is dazzling, lyrical, and transcends musical genres. Whether on stage playing jazz, old-time, bluegrass, or playing with singer song-writers his tone is unmistakable and joy for performing is obvious and infectious. In addition to being an energetic, assertive, and groovy ensemble player and imaginative soloist, he is a skilled arranger, composer and producer.

Alex tours across North America playing at performing arts centers and festivals with the critically acclaimed acoustic roots quartet Charm City Junction, as well as the WAMMIE-awarded Bumper Jacksons,  Ken and Brad Kolodner, and Letitia VanSant. He has performed at The Kennedy Center, The Birchmere, Le Poisson Rouge, The Gordon Center, Wheeler Opera House, Mountain Stage, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Walnut Valley Festival, Grey Fox, Winter Jazz, California World Festival, Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival, and more. 


Alex is also an accomplished banjo player and guitarist.


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