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Mountain Dulcimer: Pocket-full of Wayfarin' Tunes


(Intermediate level)

Capo / DAD and DGD tunings


In this workshop, Bob will teach concepts, playing skills, and performance-ready ideas from several songs that he performed and recorded with Wayfarers & Company. Songs will include Oil in My Vessel; Deep Settled Peace; Christ was Born in Bethlehem; Crossing the Bar; and Wayfarin’ Stranger.


Some music handouts (not tab) will be used.


Additionally, we’ll discuss how to learn new songs quickly and stylistically by looking at Mike Seeger’s rendition of Spanish Fandango (Early Southern Guitar Sounds, Smithsonian Folkways). All participants will receive CD copies of Vacant Chair and Trimmed and Burning by Wayfarers & Company (CD player and batteries not included!)     


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